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ebay: Custom 1987 Bedford CF2 - Ireland

Check out this fully customized Bedford CF2 on ebay! I posted this Saracen Warrior van last year when it was for sale also. I don't know if it sold back then but here's another chance to buy this one of a kind van!

"1987 Bedford CF2
First customized in 1994 by Frank Morgan from AYR
The murals were airbrushed by Neil Sinclair from AYR
The van has won many top shows including the Doncaster National Custom Show, Americana at Newart Billing, N.S.V.A. Nats and Butlins Wonderfest in AYR.
All body modifications are in steel. The front wings are peaked and the hood has been re-shaped to match the grill is scratch built to match the ford headlights.The front is all covered in steel. The arches and running board were bent and welded before being lead filled. The rear doors were removed and a mini metro rear hatch welded into place. The chassis was boxed and strengthened, the front hubs were replaced with new fin hard to get axle. The doors are a one off gull door wing, the interior is an American washable fabric. The engine is a 3.5 bore to 3.9 V8. Rover gear box bore warner 75 auto 8-4-2-1 stainless steel exhaust. The wheels chrome modular wheels from race ways Donnington. One off solid wood rim steering wheel. Chevy stainless wing mirrors and foot ladder and roof spoiler in sheet metal.
Vehicle is currently soren, vehicle starts and drives, needs tuned and brakes are sticking, has been in lock u for a number of years.
I am based in Northern Ireland. Can deliver to the UK."

Ebay item number: 111342193731

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