terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2013

For Sale: REGGAEREKKA Bedford CF

Remember the Reggaerekka Bedford that was used in a Finnish music video a couple of years ago? 
I did a google search and from what I can translate from this page, it was auctioned last October for charity and the proceeds went to a Hospital. The bidder - Suomen Fast Gourmet - said they were going to use it in Finnish Fast Gourmet festivals this summer.
I guess they changed there mind because it's now for sale. I
t could be yours for €2,400. It looks a bit run down and I'm not even sure this is road legal... but check out the music video, summer is here and this could be what your looking for!
Sen osapuolen aika!


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  1. This is still available! And now for only 1 750 €
    Hit up this new link: www.nettivaraosa.com/kunnostettavat-ajoneuvot/1718702