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ebay: Bedford 'Gertrude' - UK

On ebay today, this custom CF2 called "Gertrude". The seller started to restore it but can't finish so this could be the project van you were looking for. It's been modified for a Rover V8 but the engine is not included. The starting bid is only £150.00 so don't miss this one!
Link: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330899219267

"Here we have my old bedford 'Gertrude'
I bought her with the intention of getting her road worthy but unfortunatley due to work commitments i am unable to complete her. Its a shame to scrap her and i hope someone will buy her with the intention of putting her back on the road
The van is old and comes without an engine so it will need towing away.
The wheels are the standard ones (not the large mag wheels) they have been removed.
The interior of the back of the van is 70s styling and she has 2 sun roofs.
She has a Cresta back axle, bulk head modified to take a Rover V8 and auto box
prop shaft with van
She will be sold with the white grill as the black one has been removed.
I have the log book which states 3.5 ltr engine (again this has been removed so you will need to get one)
(Possible may sell V8 seperate)
Please come along and take a look at the old girl with the right person she will bring a lot of pleasure im sure."

Note: The previous owner commented on ebay:
"Hi Nice to see my old van didn't get scrapped .. i thought the bloke from Selston scrapped it ... i owned this for about 4 years, i fitted the v8 and the Viscount diff .. i had it painted Purple and it was called "Simply Purple" .. Have loads of photos of this van in happier times, and during re build, there is a hell of a lot of my life in this van i hope it finds a good home and someone who will bring it back to its former glory .."

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