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Cavalier Coachman - Whatever you want it to be

The Cavalier Coachman is for you
Holiday caravan or traveling office, passenger transport or mobile display, the
Cavalier Coachman can be converted to all these and many other uses.
You choose the engine size, specify which make of van you wish the Coachman to be
built on, select your ideal interior layout and design. In fact the alternatives are endless.
The Cavalier Coachman is the most versatile conversion we have ever produced
offering standards of comfort and finish you'll find hard to equal anywhere.
So, whatever you want you'll find it in a Cavalier Coachman.

Here are a couple of ads of the Bedford Cavalier Conversion. These conversions were made in Felixstowe with many of the accessories being imported from California.
There were four different models based on the CF250 and CF280 - Stratus High Top, Cirrus, Stratus and Cumulus.
They are a rare sight nowadays, here are some examples:
Cavalier Coachman

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  1. My dad was general manager of Cavalier Caravans at that time. Coachman was the brand name they used for their for motorhome conversions. These Bedford conversions had endless customisation possibilites (for the happy few who could afford it). We used the demo models regularly. Brings back nice memories!