quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012

For Sale: 1975 Bedford CF - Australia

This 1975 Bedford CF is for sale in Beaumaris (Melbourne, Australia) for $14,000.
It has some custom work done on it and looking at the photos it seems in pretty good shape.
Seller's description:

"Bedford V8 253 Automatic duel fuel, very economical to run - i am a tradesman and drive to work everyday and use less than a $30 tank a week. I have honestly never had a problem with it. only ever sees a mechanic for its regular services. outside is very clean with no rust gutters have no rust also. inside has a set of professionally made lockable drawers and a fully carpeted sub floor covering the entire back. side pipe exhaust has a great note to it. captains fully rotating chairs. kilometers only go up to 99,999 so not too sure of the exact amount. this van was always a dream of mine and has served me well. i honestly do not want to part with it however i am moving to europe and simply cannot afford to keep it garaged. any bedford lover will love this van, extremly rare to find these in such good condition. Comes with a second Bedford van with a 202 motor, which it no running and not in great condition but is great for all the spare parts or another project."

Link: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/bedford-cfs-1975-12048128

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