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For Sale: Custom CF2 LPG V8 - UK

Here is a very nice custom CF camper with a Rover V8 in Telford, UK.
It could be yours for  £3000 or near offer.
The seller has a detailed description so I will just quote it:

"I have, for very reluctant sale, my Bedford CF camper. I took it as part-payment for some work nearly two years ago and have never found the time to use it. It has been parked in a dry barn since I took possession and has only been driven 50 miles or so to the MoT station and back last October. It passed the test with only an advisory for slight play in a front wheel bearing.

All the modifications were carried out by a previous owner. These include the camper/day van style interior, the twin battery installation, the Rover V8 engine/suspension conversion and the LPG system.

When I got the van, it was fuelled by LPG only. The previous owner had removed the fuel tank and piping for some reason. I have fitted a standard CF tank and an electric pump, with a hidden switch. The engine fires up first time, every time. Another hidden switch activates the LPG system once the engine has warmed up. It will start from cold on LPG but it can be a fiddly, hit or miss kind of process. Both fill points are at the same place on the right hand side. Being a V8, the engine sounds lovely. It has a single exhaust outlet forward of the left hand rear wheel. The instrumentation is SD1. The tacho and speedo work, as does the voltmeter and temp gauge. I believe the fuel gauge has been connected to the LPG tanks but the reading hasn't altered since the van arrived at my place. In-car entertainment is fitted.

The running gear has also been modified. The rear axle is from the SD1 engine donor car and the gearbox is a standard Rover auto. (There is a very slight oil drip from the gear selector shaft.) The steering is power-assisted making it a very easy and smooth driving van. Front wheels are chrome Weller 8-spokes and the rears are much wider chrome Mangels.

Externally, the van is in great condition. The only rust I've found is in the rear wheel arches just forward of the rear wheels. The affected areas are very small and are easy to fix. There are a few small dents here and there and some very small areas where the paint has peeled. Apart from the roof spoiler and the shaved rear door handle, the outside of the van is stock.

The interior has been fitted with most of what you need to survive that weekend show or concert. Benches are built in down both sides, housing storage space and the twin LPG tanks. The benches form the double bed with the fitted fold-out boards. At the rear, there is a twin burner hob and a couple of work tops with space for the built-in basin. The supplied kettle has it's own stowage point. Right at the back is a cabinet with a hole in the top designed for a porta-potti or even a simple bucket. There is a wrap-around curtain to give full privacy. A lot of the van has been insulated with fake fur and all the cushions have covers which match all the curtains.

All in all, its a great van, well built and ready to camp. Its only for sale as I have recently acquired a Mk2 Transit with 5 berths. The Bedford can be viewed, by appointment only, just east of Shrewsbury at SY4. Any questions, please call.......happy to help."

Link: http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C223361#

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